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May 31, 2012
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Author's note: I'm writing this during the breaks between classes at college so I am aiming to update as much as I can. I've never written Mpreg before and always wanted to try it. If you have any questions or anything at all please feel free to PM me.

As usual I own nothing, merely my pervy imagination. These are Kripke's babies..I'm just borrowing them for a little bit.

Sam grimaced at the sounds of retching that came from the motel bathroom. His heart felt sore at the thought of his brother in there, comforting his angel who was being violently sick.

The younger Winchester couldn't help but worry for poor Castiel. It was unnerving enough to watch him and his brother struggle through everyday human occurrences. But to have spent every morning the past two weeks bent over the porcelain bowl; it was sure to be more than a little unsettling.

Sat sat on an uncomfortable wooden chair leaning back so he could see his brother's arm rubbing soothing circles on the angel's trenchcoat clad back. He could hear his brother murmuring soothing words to his sickly lover as Cas continued to hack and cough into the toilet.

"S'okay sweetheart" Dean soothed pressing a kiss to the angel's dark hair. "I gotcha."

Unable to reply the angel settled for humming his approval in-between retching and sending his human thankful and loving glances.

It was at least another half hour before the poor angel stopped retching, Sam listened as his brother cleaned him up and reassured him as Cas brushed his teeth. They emerged from the bathroom at last. Dean was supporting Castiel gently, who looked less than well. His pallor pale and sickly, dark circles hung beneath his big blue eyes as his thick dark hair stuck to his forehead with sweat.

"You okay Cas?" Sam asked his gaze following the angel's exhausted movements as Dean helped him settle upon the bed and pulled a blanket up over him.

"Yes Sam, thank you." the angel replied tiredly and politely as usual.

"Just rest Cas" Dean urged gently as he sat beside his lover and stroked his clammy cheek till the angel fell into a much needed sleep.

"Maybe we should head to Bobby's" Sam suggested quietly so as not to wake the sleeping angel.

His brother grunted in response as he took a swig of a lukewarm soda, unable to tear his gaze away from his sickly lover for more than a few moments.

"He's got so much crap in all those books of his, maybe there is something to help Cas?" Sammy offered his voice low and quiet.

His brother finally turned to him, the worry and pain quite evident in his eyes as he nodded.


Sam gave Dean a comforting look as he stood and clapped his older brother on the shoulder consolingly.

"I'll go start the car, all of our stuff is in there anyways. You bring Cas out."

Dean watched as his gangly sibling turned and fingered the keys to the Impala as he quietly opened the front door and made his way to their trusty car.

"Sweetheart?" Dean called as he stood up and stretched, before shuffling over to Cas.

"Yes Dean?" the angel replied sleepily, looking at his human blearily from where just his large blue eyes peeked over the top of the blanket.

The hunter couldn't suppress the chuckle that worked it's way through him at his angel's messy hair and bewildered expression. "Adorable" he mused to himself.

A weak smile graced the angel's tired face as his human laughed. It was the most glorious thing on earth to see Dean smile.

"We're gonna head to Bobby's Cas" he said sitting beside the angel and pulling him up gently to a sitting position. "Gonna get you better".


Dean slid his strong arms around the angel and carefully lifted him to his feet where he swayed dangerously. The worry within the hunter's chest grew and he decided to throw caution to the wind, slipping one arm beneath the angel's knees as he lifted him to his arms. Much to Castiel's amusement, he smiled at Dean fondly, the love and adoration he held for his human prominent in his gaze. A small light chuckle slipped from the angel's dry lips as Dean quirked an eyebrow at him fondly as he whistled the bridal march upon leaving the room.

Surprisingly Dean settled in the back of the Impala with Cas instead of insisting that he drive. Sam stole glances at them in the rear view mirror, The sleeping creature content in Dean's arms as his older brother contented himself with stroking Cas' cheek while his lips remained pressed to Castiel's forehead as he muttered words that Sam couldn't make out into the angel's skin. Every now and again he would meet his brother's eyes in the mirror and send him a conspiratorial smile, Dean would try his best to send one back.

Bobby's eyes widened when he opened his front door to the two boys, he hadn't expected them for another week or so. But then, seeing his adopted boys always made the gruff old codger smile. However much he tried to hide it. The last thing he expected was the worried tired expressions on the boy's faces as Sam stepped aside and held the door open as Dean entered cradling a sleeping Castiel in his arms.

"Hi Bobby" Dean managed faking a smile, but the old hunter wasn't fooled.

"Good thing I made up both the spare rooms" he sighed patting Dean on the shoulder.

"Thank's Bobby" Sam sighed long hands running through his mop of hair in a worried gesture.

Bobby and Sam both watched as Dean carried the sleeping angel quietly up the stairs humming gently to him with each step he took.

Neither Sam nor Bobby where surprised that a relationship had sprung up between the older Winchester and his guardian angel. It had been obvious for years just how they felt about each other. The day that Dean finally got his head out of his stubborn backside and kissed his angel full on the mouth in front of his brother and Bobby. Well let's just say it was more of a relief than a shock. Bobby had welcomed Cas into the family with open arms, happily treating him as one of his own.

The elder hunter had been aware of Castiel's mystery illness thanks to a hushed worried phone call from Sam a few mornings ago. The sound of an angel vomiting punctuating through the phone line in the background.

Truth be told he had spent the last few days quietly researching looking for an answer, having found something last night. He'd kept quiet not sure whether Dean would appreciate the answer or not. But on seeing the sickly state of the angel he found himself having no other choice but to pull Sam aside and try and explain his theories. The last thing he expected was for the younger Winchester to smile sheepishly and admit that he had come to the same conclusion himself. The only thing left now was to get Dean alone and tell him their theories. Something that they both believed wholeheartedly seeing as the angel's symptoms had lead them to no other conclusion. That Castiel was with child.

This was going to be a long, long day.

It was an hour later that Dean finally came downstairs, looking exhausted with worry. The weight on his shoulders, heavy and weighing him down as he took a seat on Bobby's threadbare old couch. He sighed heavily as he let his worry overwhelm him, the corners of his eyes hot and prickly as he buried his face into the cooling solace of his hands.

"I don't know what to do Sammy" he muttered despondently to his brother sitting opposite him.

Bobby and Sam exchanged a worried glance before sharing a small nod as they prepared to speak to the stricken man before them.

"Actually…" Sam began leaning forward and pulling his brother's hands away from his face.

"Bobby and I think we know whats wrong." he finished giving his brother a small hopeful smile.

Dean looked from Bobby to Sam the strange almost nervous smiles on their faces.

"Well?" he urged impatiently "Will he get better?"

"He's gonna be fine boy don't worry" Bobby smiled gruffly.

"Oh thank god!" Dean exclaimed the first genuine grin splitting his handsome face since Cas fell ill. "How long till he's better?"

"In about six to eight months I reckon." Sam smiled knowingly.

"What the hell Sammy? I thought you said he was going to be ok?" He argued, poking his brother in the chest accusingly; as Sammy laughed and Bobby smiled at him.

"Dude.." Sam grinned clapping his brother on the shoulder "Cas is pregnant."

Dean's face froze as Sammy's words hit his ears, his expression an emotionless mask growing hot as his inner emotions fought for dominance.

Sam and Bobby exchanged a worried look, this was what they were worried about. As far as Dean had come in the past six month's he'd been with Cas. He was ultimately a creature of habit, and seeing how thing's had gone with other romantic partners in his life. Dean always went the same route.. running away.

"Dean?" Bobby asked warily nudging Dean's shoulder with his hand. "You in there boy?"

Dean's face broke out into a gleeful smile that stretched from one ear to another.

The relief was more than palpable between the two men watching his movements intently.

"Cas is pregnant" he repeated smiling goofily at his brother and surrogate father.

"Yup" Bobby smiled clapping Dean on the shoulder "Congratulations boy, you're gonna be a father!"

"I'm gonna be.." he grinned as he dissolved into laughter the tears blooming in the corners of his eyes in earnest now.

"I'm gonna be an Uncle!" Sam exclaimed as if he was only realizing this for the first time.


The three whirled around to find Cas standing in the doorway looking tired and poorly but smiling avidly at Dean.

"Hey baby" he smiled beckoning the angel over and pulling his lover into his arms.

"Dean there's something I must tell you." he smiled broadly at Dean as if he was the only person in the room.

"Anything sweetheart."

"I..I'm with child. I was unsure until now, but I can feel the child within me now Dean. It is settled within me, nurtured by my body and my grace."

The older Winchester smiled at his lover happy tears freely flowing down his cheeks. He took Castiel's face in his hands and kissed him tenderly as the angel clung to him happily.

"Thank you Cas" he smiled pressing a kiss to Castiel's forehead.

"Holy crap I'm gonna be a Grandpa!"

Dean woke the next morning with a soft smile on his face, the early morning light filtering through the threadbare old curtains and illuminating the beautiful creature softly snoring in his arms. The golden sunlight danced on Castiel's raven hair casting a golden halo around his head.

Pressing a kiss to the soft dark locks he sighed happily, his heart warm and light with the thought of his lover pregnant with his child. Of growing larger and radiant over the coming months as he lovingly carried Dean's child within him.

Lightly his finger's trailed down Castiel's lean forearm, dancing down his side before he softly slipped his hand beneath the cool cotton of his t shirt. Dean smiled against Castiel's hair as he flattened his palm against his lover's stomach, the smooth skin soft beneath his touch as his fingers pressed lightly against his skin.

The hunter's heart leapt in joy as he found what he was looking for, a small tiny bump beneath his palm. Barely indiscernible to anyone else, but to someone who knew every inch of his lovers body intimately it was obvious. Caressing the first sign of his child he nuzzled Castiel's hair lovingly whispering nonsense words into his hair.

The angel stirred after a few moments and he tilted his head to look at Dean who was smiling softly down at him.

"Good morning Dean" he murmured sleepily pressing a kiss to his humans lips.

"G'mornin' Cas'"

The angel looked down to where Dean's hand was lovingly stroking his stomach.

He smiled letting his own smaller softer hand lay on top of his human's cradling the first sign of their child between them.

"Love you Cas"

"Love you Dean."

It had been a month since the revelation of the angel's pregnancy and thing's were going well for their odd little family. Much to Castiel's relief, the morning sickness had passed and he found himself a lot more comfortable. Thanks to Sam's super research skills and ultimately nerdy behavior they calculated that Cas was about five month's along and beginning to expand a little more with each passing week much to Dean's pleasure.


Dean Winchester watched, his handsome brow furrowed in worry as he watched his pregnant lover push his scrambled eggs around his plate with little gusto. He has expected Cas to start eating anything and everything he could get his angelic hands on. But much to Dean's dismay and also worry on Sam and Bobby's part, the angel had little appetite and was beginning to look unwell.

Any success Dean had in managing to get Castiel to eat anything was short lived as soon after the meal the angel would frown and clutch at his mouth before rushing to the nearest bathroom.  Dean didn't know much about pregnancy angelic or not, but he knew that something wasn't right at all. A horrible feeling settled in his gut at the thought, one that he couldn't quell no matter how much he tried. He just hoped that Cas' sickness would pass and he would blossom into a massive happily pregnant angel who ate everything in the house. Hoping that a cut and dried hunt would calm his nerves he found an easy salt and burn job nearby and headed off early in the morning, kissing Cas lightly at the door as he waved him off. Dean's last thought as he drove out of Singer auto was that by the time he returned tomorrow evening that Castiel would be eating and keeping it down..hopefully.


"Hey Cas" Sam greeted tearing his gaze from the current book he was poring over to look up and smile at the angel.

The younger Winchester shifted uncomfortably in his seat upon looking at his brother's pregnant lover. His worries were confirmed when Bobby walked in from the kitchen, tea towel in hand and stopped dead. A worried expression creasing his bearded face.

"Hello Sam" the angel replied, his voice was thin and exhausted. His normally creamy skin was pale with a grayish pallor. Large blue eyes were tired and dark circles hung beneath them. The angel's stubbled jaw was sharp as if his skin was pulled too tight over his bones, as the clothes which normally fit him well hung off his thin figure. The sudden weight loss all more apparent by pregnancy bump sitting on a lean abdomen.

" don't look well. Come here and sit by the fireplace, I'll start the fire up for you."

The angel looked fondly upon the younger Winchester as Sam leapt from his seat to guide the tired angel to a large armchair by the fire. To his surprise Sam tugged off his own hoodie and wrapped the warm fleece around the angel's chill skin.
Sam gave him a conspirital  smile as he bent down and set about starting the fire.

"Gonna make you some hot tea boy" Bobby muttered patting the angel on his fleece clad shoulder. Castiel couldn't help but smile at their kindness.

"Thank you Sam, thank you Bobby" he smiled tiredly. "For being so kind".

"Your welcome Cas" Sam replied nudging the angels chair a little closer to the growing warmth of the fire.

"We take care of our own boy" Bobby said a small smile lighting up his eyes as he returned placing a hot cup of tea on a small table by the armchair, watching in a fatherly manner as the angel reached out with a lightly trembling hand and picked up his tea.

"Drink that up boy, there's ginger in that. For the nausea" he said adjusting his cap on his greyed head.

They both sat on the old beaten up but well loved couch and watched as the angel gracefully sipped his tea. It always amazed Sam at how measured and defined every one of Castiel's movements where. He was graceful whether he was in battle or simply sitting with them in a diner. Much like a regal bird or a cat might be. He smiled inwardly at that, he could only imagine what Dean would say if he knew that his little brother was comparing his angel to a bird.

"Oh" a small gasp slipped past the angel's lips in surprise and the tea slipped from his hand and smashed onto the hearth. His large blue eyes widened considerably as his hands gravitated to the bump almost hidden beneath the fleece.

"Whats wrong?!" Sam urged as he rushed over and knelt beside his friend.

" I can feel.." he winced this time as his long thin arms hugged his middle. "It hurts."

"What hurts Boy?" Bobby asked ignoring the smashed cup as he leant over the angel worriedly.

They watched as the angel shrugged off the fleece hoodie of Sam's and with shaking finger's he lifted the grey cotton tee shirt he wore.

The younger Winchester's eyes widened a little in horror and Bobby cussed under his breath.

A large bruise was slowly blossoming across the angel's pregnancy bump spreading from almost his left hip to his ribs.

"Holy hell in a handbasket" the old hunter exclaimed roughly, his expression softening when he noticed the pain on the angel's face.

"It's the baby" Sam sighed rubbing a massive hand over his face.

"What?" Bobby grunted turning to Sam. "What on earth you saying' Sam?"

"It's my child" Cas whispered softly, voice full of pain as he wrapped Sam's hoodie back around his trembling frame. "My vessel is finding the weight of bearing this pregnancy more difficult than I had imagined."

"I'm gonna call Dean" Sam decided standing up and striding purposefully from the living room, wondering how on earth he is gonna tell his brother that his unborn child is making Cas sick.

"I'm sorry for breaking your cup Bobby" the angel apologized, large blue eyes seeking out the older mans.

"Don't you worry about that now ok? Imma gonna make you a new cup."

As Bobby entered the kitchen to prepare Cas a fresh pot of ginger tea, the younger Winchester returned with a pained expression on his face. Corners of his soft hazel eyes prickling as he spoke.

"Dean's coming home."


Dean slammed the phone shut before Sam had even finished saying goodbye, the conversation of the last few minutes whirling painfully in his mind. His brother's words weighing hard upon his chest as he stood glaring at the pavement letting his emotions wash over him.

" Dean you gotta come's Cas. He's not doing well dude. The baby…it's not good Dean. I think the baby is making him sick. just come home."

Cas, his Cas.. was sick and by the sound of his brother's voice the angel was in a bad way. He had hoped that he would return to find Cas well and eating and looking better but the phonecall from his brother dashed his hopes of that happening.

"I'm coming Cas" he muttered to himself as he pulled open the door of the Impala and threw himself bodily into the drivers seat. Without a second glance for traffic he revved the engine forcefully as he sped out in the the direction of Singer auto.


It took him less than four hours to reach Sioux falls, he was more than lucky having barely kept to the speed limit all the way; he didn't encounter any law enforcement. The only thing on his mind was getting home and getting back to his Cas. He was stupid for leaving, the guilt settling heavily in his stomach at the thought.

"No more hunts" he muttered to himself  "can't believe I was so damn stupid..leaving him alone."


The Impala roared into the driveway of Singer auto close to midnight, gravel scattering all over from the vicious spin of the cars eager wheels. Dean slammed on the brakes and leapt from the car barely remembering to slam the doors shut beside him as he tore up the path and hammered on the rickety front door.

All he could feel was the blood rushing in his ears as he waited with baited breath for the front door to open. Thankfully he heard footsteps and the door eventually opened revealing his brother looking at him with his typical comforting puppy eyed look.

"Where is he Sam?" he ordered hoping the false anger in his voice would hide the fact that he was close to tears.

His younger brother wasn't fooled for a second he merely sighed and smiled softly at him.

"He's asleep by the fire, Bobby's with him."

Dean nodded his thanks as he made his way quietly yet urgently into the living room, the warmth of the firelight hitting him as soon as he stood in the archway. The warm shadows of the flames licking across his tense stature.

A warm relieved smile spread across his worried features despite his fears. His angelic  lover was fast asleep curled deeply inside his brother's gigantic hooded sweatshirt and swathed in a blanket. Only his large blue eyes closed lightly in sleep and a tuft of thick dark hair was visible.

The elder Hunter got up stiffly from his seat opposite the sleeping angel and shuffled over to Dean as quietly as the creaky old floorboards would allow.

"How is he?" Dean whispered leaning into Bobby's space so the older man could hear him.

"Not great. Got him to drink some tea and eat a cracker or two though."

"He kept it down?" Dean asked hopefully.

"So far so good boy" Bobby replied gruffly managing a smile.

Dean smiled weakly, glad even for this small bit of good news.

"Fell asleep a half hour ago, the idjit was determined to stay awake to see you."

Dean couldn't help but huff out a laugh at that, Cas could be a stubborn bastard at the best of times.

"Listen boy" Bobby began leaning closer and lowering his voice for fear of waking the sleeping angel nearby.

"I made some calls. A doctor feller I know is coming out here tomorrow. He's in the life, knows a lot bout supernatural illnesses and such. Should be able to help feathers."

"Thanks Bobby" Dean answered gratefully his shoulders slumping a little in relief.

"No problem son, I'm off to bed." he smiled gruffly patting Dean on the shoulder before making his way upstairs for the night.

Dean went and knelt beside Castiel's sleeping form, fascinated by the way his dark eyelashes fluttered against his cheeks as he slept. The constant soft snuffling of sleep as he nuzzled farther into Sammy's hoodie.

"Cas?" Dean asked softly reaching forward and stroking his lovers hair.


"Do you wanna head up to bed baby?" he asked pulling the sweatshirt down a little to reveal his lovers bleary eyed expression. He couldn't help but smile.

"May I stay here?" Cas asked sleepily his blue eyes fixed on his human. "I'm cold".

"Of course" he replied with a soft smile, leaning forward he pressed a kiss to the angel's soft willing mouth.

Dean retreated a little to pluck a spare blanket from the couch as he settled himself in the armchair opposite his lover. Tucking the blanket around himself he smiled despite the worry in his heart over his ailing angel. He watched as Castiel's eyes fluttered closed as the angel sighed softly as he slipped easily back into sleep. The hunter yawned widely and settled further into the comfortable armchair, it wasn't long before the warmth of the fire and the relaxing sound of his lover's breathing lulled him into a much needed sleep.


Dean woke softly the next morning after the first nights refreshing sleep in more than a week. His mossy green eyes opened lazily and he smiled at his lover. Cas was already awake, sat up still wrapped in Sam's hoodie and blanket while he was fervently reading a magazine. A cup of steaming hot tea in one hand that the angel sipped at delicately. Noticing Dean's yawn he looked up from his current exercise and smiled broadly setting aside his tea and magazine.

"Good morning Dean"

"G'mornin' Cas" Dean managed releasing another satisfying yawn as he stretched out his muscles.

"Morning sunshine"  They both looked up as the elder hunter entered the living room and placed some dry toast on a little teaplate by castiel..

The angel smiled up at Bobby warmly, gratitude evident in his gaze.

"Mornin' Bobby" Dean replied smiling as he watched his angel thank the older man and take a piece of toast between his long slender fingers.

The older Winchester stood from his comfortable chair with little difficulty adding another well timed stretch just for good measure; before leaning over his lover and kissing his dark hair reverently.

"How are you feelin' today sweetheart?" he asked his lips dancing against the soft dark locks before pulling away to kneel beside the angel.

"I am feeling alright thank you Dean, how are you did you sleep well?"

Dean sighed and couldn't repress a smile, even in this state Cas was more worried about him than his own welfare.

"M'fine angel, worried about you." he replied honestly, a little sadness seeping into his words.

Castiel graced him with a soft ethereal smile as he set his untouched toast aside and took the hunter's much larger hands into his own.

Pulling the Hunter towards him he continued to smile knowingly while Dean smiled back at him a little nonplussed. Gently he pressed Dean's large life roughened hands against his swollen belly.

"You're beautiful Cas" Dean whispered leaning in for a kiss.

He stopped as their lips almost touched, looking down at his hands in wondrous amazement. Slowly a grin split his face as he barked out  a contented laugh.

"Cas"  he smiled "I can feel our baby".

The angel let out a soft chuckle as the hunter pulled the blanket and Sam's hoodie
away from Castiel's body and pressed his palms against the warm cotton of Cas' tee shirt.

"Wow" he whispered reverently as he stroked his fingers in small circles on his swollen belly.

"Hey there little one" he muttered softly as he rested his cheek against the material, warmth from Cas' skin flooding his senses. Another grin spreading across his face as he felt his unborn child stir within the safe confines of Castiel's body.

The angel lovingly stroked Dean's hair as his lover cooed and pressed soft kisses against his belly. Unbeknownst to the two of them who were wrapped up in their own little world. Sam and Bobby stood leaning against the doorframe with gentle smiles gracing their faces.

Dean inhaled softly, savoring the smells that made up his lover, fresh spring air, a dash of earthy notes such as cinnamon and something else. Something ethereal and electric. That spark that made him so special. All of these made all the more pungent by his burgeoning pregnancy.

"You're amazing Cas" he sighed punctuating his sentiment with a kiss to his belly.

"Thank you Dean" he smiled petting his hunter's hair.

The hunter's hands skimmed the hem of Castiel's cotton shirt, green eyes turned up to blue questioning.

"Can I?" he asked softly.

The angel nodded down at his hunter, smiling gently in contentment as Dean slowly lifted the grey cotton material to expose his swollen abdomen.

The hunter's heart dropped at the sight of his lover's bruised stomach, the dark blacks, blues and purples mingling in a large spread from his hip past his belly button almost to the angel's ribs.

"Oh Cas" he murmured as he cradled the swollen belly in his hands and pressed soothing kisses to the dark bruise. "I will take care of you..I promise."

The angel merely smiled, his eyes bright with his love for the human in front of him.
His long hands stroking through Dean's short spiky hair in a comforting gesture.

"I promise to take care of both of you" The hunter added fervently nuzzling the warm pregnant stomach as his determined tears dropped freely onto the angel's perfect skin.

"I promise"


Waiting for this doctor friend of Bobby's to arrive was like waiting for a kettle to boil and Dean was getting a little impatient. He sat on the couch with Cas leant against his chest, the angel settled within his arms. The hunter's gaze snapping from the rusty clock on the mantel to the heavily locked front door as his left right foot beat out a nervous tattoo tapping ceaselessly against the old wooden floor.

He felt Castiel's trademark chuckle against him and he looked down at the gentle creature in his arms. Cas' was once again adorned in Sam's giant hoodie which swamped his lithe frame but succeed in keeping him warm and comfortable; his long slender hands laying reverently across his swollen belly which shook a little as he laughed at his hunter.

"What?" Dean asked with mock anger but couldn't quite hide his smile.

"Patience is a virtue Dean" the angel replied sighing as he settled further into his lover's embrace. A soft smile playing across his beautiful yet tired face.

"Virtue my ass" he muttered turning back to glaring at the clock.

"Hey guys" Sam smiled in greeting as his tall form swept into the livingroom, laptop under one arm and cup of coffee in the other as usual.

"Hello Sam" castiel replied nodding softly at the younger Winchester as Sam settled himself in the chair opposite them placing his laptop and beverage on the stained coffee table.

"Thank you for lending me your hooded sweatshirt Sam I shall return it soon."

"Keep it Cas" Sam smiled his large puppy dog eyes taking in the angel's almost fragile state. "Think of it as a gift for my niece or nephew in there."

"Thank you Sam." Castiel smiled at him, eyes soft as he nuzzled deeper into the oversized navy blue hood with gratitude. Obviously relishing in the warmth even though it was mid june and less than cold in Bobby's old house.

"Thanks bro" Dean added smiling proudly at his little brother.

"Your welcome" Sam replied taking a large gulp of his hot coffee and smacking his lips, before flipping open his laptop and getting down to doing his favorite thing. Research. With Cas in the predicament he was in, that meant it gave Sam a lot to do.

The doorbell rang and Dean almost jumped from his seat by Cas on the sofa causing his younger brother to snigger. The older Winchester shot his gleeful little brother a glare as Bobby appeared from the kitchen and opened the door.

"Bobby Singer long time no see!"

Dean watched as a strange woman came in and squeezed Bobby in a tight hug which he noticed his surrogate father returned with gusto.

"Missy what are you doin' here?" Bobby asked with a gruff smile.

"Oh there's a greeting for you!" she laughed following him inside and setting down her bags.

She was a middle aged woman with a homely figure and a pretty kindly face. Her blonde hair streaked with salt and pepper hung in busy curls about her round soft face.

"Boys." Bobby called leading her into the livingroom, waiting till she was stood beside him before he began his introductions.

"This is missy" he introduced " She's Jackie's wife"

"He was caught up with a couple of ghouls in a town one state over so I came instead. I assure you I know just as much as him and I trained as a midwife in my younger years before I became a hunter."

Bobby couldn't help notice the unsure expression on Deans face and he shook his head stifling a smile as he introduced them.

"Missy this sasquatch is Sam Winchester" he began nodding towards the youngest Winchester son.

"This idjit here is Dean, Sammy's big brother."

"Nice to meet you Sam and Dean." she beamed. "Who are you sweetie?" she added gesturing to Castiel.

Before Bobby could open his mouth Dean cut him off, pulling his angel further into his arms protectively as he spoke.

"This is Castiel."

"Nice to meet you Castiel." she smiled at him and he looked her over with his large blue eyes searching her soul for any signs of corruption. He found her soul bright and warm, ultimately a mother's soul.

"Hello" he replied nodding gently before he turned to Dean. The protective expression on Dean's face obvious, the hunter's untrusting glare boring into Missy, making her blanche.


His expression changed immediately when it turned to the angel in his arms a loving smile gracing his features as Cas reached up and cupped the hunter's cheek in one slender hand.

"She has a good soul Dean, much like your mother's" he said pointedly.

"Kay sweetheart." he replied pressing a kiss to the tip of the angel's nose, before turning to Missy and flushing with embarrassment at his previous stiff behavior.

"Nice to meet you Missy." Dean said extending a free hand. She smiled and shook it gratefully.

"How much did Jackie tell you 'bout our situation Missy?" Bobby asked curiously.

"Well.." she began her eyes flickering to Castiel as he lay happily in Dean's warm protective embrace. "He told me that you had a pregnant sickly angel."

"I have to admit I scarce believe'd him at first Bobby!". she chuffed out a laugh perching on a stool next to Sam and opposite the Hunter and his angel.

"Can't blame ya there" Bobby muttered gruffly. "So you think you can help us?" he added hopefully.

She looked at their hopeful faces and lastly to that of the angel who was watching her intently with his beguiling stunning blue gaze.

"I can do my best Bob." she replied softly pulling a small Doctor's bag towards her. "I can look over the patient and give my opinion and hopefully an idea of treatment."

"Thank you" Dean said to her, his gaze earnest.

She nodded to him accepting his thanks as she began pulling various instruments out of her bag.

"C'mon Sam, let's make the lunch." Bobby said clapping the younger man on the shoulder.

She waited till Bobby and Sam had left the room before she turned to Dean and Castiel.

"Would you like to move to a more private room Castiel?" she asked kindly.

"I'm staying with him." Dean replied forcefully.

Instead of being deterred by his manner she merely smiled at him gently and reached out placing her hand on his knee.

"Of course Dean. It's obvious you care about him very deeply. I would be happier if you were here with Castiel for this."

"Thank you" he muttered before turning to Cas. "Would you like to go upstairs to our room for this angel?"

"I'm fine here if you are Dean." he replied predictable as always placing Dean's comfort before his own. The hunter huffed out a laugh and kissed his forehead lovingly.

"Okay Cas." he smiled against his warm skin before pulling away slightly.

"Thank you Dean." the angel smiled back.

"I'd like to listen to your heart and breathing first Castiel if you could just remove your sweatshirt and shirt for me?"

Cas shucked off the giant hooded sweatshirt with ease but struggled a little more with getting the grey cotton v neck tee off. In the end Dean helped him by slipping his finger's underneath and pulling it carefully off over his head.

The angel smiled at him thankfully before blushing beneath the woman's gaze. He crossed his arm's over his abdomen, cheeks flushing as he averted his gaze.

"Don't be embarrassed Castiel." she said in her kindly manner.

"Don't worry babe." Dean soothed rubbing the chill skin on the angel's arms with his large hands.

Cas leant gratefully into Dean's touch the warmth from the hunters' hands warming his skin as he sat up a little straighter and let his arms drop to his sides.

"This might be a bit chilly." she said as she inserted the earbuds of an old red stethoscope into her ears and tapped the small drum on the end for sound.

Seemingly satisfied she smiled and scooted forward in her chair, Cas looked back at Dean warily. His lover smiled at him and rubbed a hand soothingly over his bare back, tickling over his shoulder blades where the ghost of Castiel's otherworldly wings could be felt.

The angel flinched a little as she pressed the end of the stethoscope against his chest, Dean's fingers finding his and catching them in a loose embrace as Missy worked.

"Everything ok?" Dean asked after watching her frown to herself and reposition the stethoscope on his lover's chest several times over.

"Fine" she lied her eyes not quite meeting his. Dean felt a twinge of nervousness in his chest at her actions, glad that Castiel had his eyes closed so as not to worry the already nervous angel.

"Before I check his blood pressure would you like to hear your baby?" she offered removing the stethoscope from her ears and offering Dean the item.

"Thanks" he replied taking the offered item from her hands and turning to Cas who was looking confused.

"D'ya wanna listen to our baby Cas?" he smiled.

'Listen?" Castiel asked his handsome brow furrowed in confusion. Dean huffed out a laugh, sometimes forgetting that Cas wasn't human and obviously was very confused by this whole ordeal.

"M'sorry baby" Dean said kissing his lover lightly between his eyes smoothing out the furrows there. "I forgot you don't really understand any of this. No Doctor's checkups in heaven eh?"

"No Dean." Cas smiled in reply.

"You use this to listen to your baby's heartbeat." Missy explained smiling at the couple. "Since I don't have an ultrasound handy." she added laughing.

"Oh" realization dawned on the angel and he smiled at Dean eagerly. "Yes Dean I would like to listen to our baby. Very much."

The hunter merely replied with a soft kiss to the angel's mouth before he pressed his face close to Cas and opened up the arms of the stethoscope wide and fit an earbud into his right ear and placed the other in Castiel's left.

Unconciously smiling Dean took Cas' right hand in his and gently pressed the end of the stethoscope to the angel's swollen belly with his other. Within seconds they could hear the soft rapid beating of the life growing within Castiel.

"Dean." Cas said in breathless amazement.

"I know babe." The hunter replied grinning proudly.

After a few minutes Dean handed the stethoscope back to Missy a proud expression on his face when he looked at his angel.

"You're amazing Cas." he breathed smiling brightly at his lover.

Castiel blushed and smiled demurely at Dean, looking up at him through his thick dark lashes. Blue eyes dark and large and glazed with a familiar hint of want.

The hunter unconsciously licked his lips and regretfully turned his head away from his lover and back to Missy. He couldn't let himself get swept up in the coil of lust that was building low in his belly. Swallowing hard he pushed it down and promised that he would revisit it later on.

"Ok let's move on shall we?" she smiled pulling out a blood pressure monitor, when Dean eyed the amount of instrument's she had brought he couldn't help but worry over the way she had lied to him just moment's ago. That feeling of uneasiness in his gut twisted and he hoped that this examination passed quickly, then he would pull her aside and get the truth. if anyone was going to break any sort of bad news to Cas, it was gonna be him and not some stranger.

Dean eyed her almost a little angrily at the way she was avoiding his gaze in front of Cas and now in front of Sam and Bobby as they all drank tea in the ramshackle old kitchen.

Glad that Cas wasn't around to pick up on Missy's avoidance having fallen asleep on the couch. Dean stood up and set his cup on the table a little roughly glaring at her. She finally met his gaze and he saw what she was trying to hide.. Sorrow.

"Missy can I speak to you outside for a moment?" he managed past the lump in his throat striding out into the hall and out the front door without waiting for her.

She joined him after a few moments closing the door softly behind her.

"What's wrong with Cas?" he demanded rounding on her, furious that she was once again avoiding his gaze.

"Dean..I'm so sorry.." she tried reaching for him.

"Tell me what's wrong with him!" he all but growled flinching at her touch and retreating from her grip.

It was then that he noticed the tears in her eyes as her gaze met his. Dean's heart froze and his throat constricted waiting for her answer.

"He's dying Dean."

"NO" He shouted his throat growing dry as his hands clenched painfully by his sides. "You're lying" he finished voice cracking with emotion as his eyes prickled hot and wet.

"I'm not lying Dean." she replied softly reaching out tentatively and placing a hand on his shoulder. "The baby is healthy but it is too much for him. The more the child grows the more it drain's his grace. Effectively making him human..his body cannot support both him and the baby.. I'm so sorry."

"This can't.." he choked hands rubbing viciously at his wet eyes " long?"

"If his heart doesn't give out beforehand, he wont survive the birth."

"No..Cas..Cas is must be mistaken." he argued pointlessly, the tears coming thick and fast as his limbs shook as he leant heavily against the wall of Bobby's house.

"I'm sorry I will visit once a week to administer medicines and check on his and the baby's health."

"What will happen to the baby if he.." he choked against the bile that was rising up his throat painfully. This wasn't fair.

"The baby will die instantly without the grace to sustain it within his body." she answered her own eyes brimming with sadness as she watched the man in front of her fall apart.

"No..I can't lose him. I can't." Dean broke, his heart aching painfully in his chest as he fell to his knees sobbing in the dirt outside the old house. He cried out loudly venting the terrible pain building in his chest at the reality that he was going to lose the one person he loved. He didn't even hear the front door opening nor the footsteps of his brother and surrogate father step outside and close the door behind them. Shielding the sleeping angel inside from this pain, if only for a little while longer.

"Dean?" Sam asked gently kneeling by his sobbing brother joining him in the dirt.

"Cas is dyin' Sammy" he uttered, voice barely there and thick with tears as his sorrow consumed him.

Sam didn't reply as he threw his arms around his older brother and held him as he shook with sobs, his pained cries muffled against his jacket. Dean felt strong a strong hand clasp his shoulder and he looked up to see Bobby's face grave, tears trickling through his graying beard.

None of them paid Missy any heed as she gathered her bags from the living room passing by the still sleeping angel on her way out, casting a sad glance behind her as she drove out of Singer Auto. Her wet eyes lingering on the figures of the two men consoling the broken heart sobbing into the dirt.

To Be continued
Destiel - MPREG. Castiel falls pregnant and everyone is happy and rejoicing till they realise the real danger that Cas is in, their unborn child pulling him further from heaven and closer to earth. His weakening vessel straining to maintain both Castiel and the childs life..Dean prays every night to a God he doesnt believe in, desperate to save the angel he loves..

Work in Progress Peeps!

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I would like to dedicate this story to my boyfriend Edward. The Dean to my Cas, the Arthur to my Merlin, The Holmes to my Watson and the House to my Wilson...Love you xxx
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